Last Updated - June 25, 2020

In a ‘normal’ year, this weekend would be the start of our annual family camp.  While we’re all disappointed we’re unable to have family camp, we are finding ways to adapt.


As long as we have the volunteers, we will be holding services each Sunday at 10 AM in the chapel of Elim Lodge.  If you are interested in helping host one of the weeks (smiling with your eyes, handing out masks and hand sanitizer), please reply to the email with your availability.  Masks are required as it an indoor gathering with singing, physical distancing can’t always be maintained (for example, when walking to a seat) and we want to keep everyone safe from potential exposure.  Even with you mask on, please don’t sing loudly or moistly!


We held off putting out the additional garbage bins as a cost savings when we were not sure how busy the camp would be.  Camp is busy and we’re going to put them out this week.  We do ask you to be considerate of the camp finances (we pay per use) and your neighbours, and not use them for construction waste, furniture or other large items.


Starting this weekend, all the toilet and shower stalls will be available in the main washrooms and we will be allowing more than one person to use the main washrooms at a time.  Everyone is expected, though, to maintain physical distancing.  Please wait outside if the washroom does not have space for you, and similarly if you are using a shower or toilet stall and the sink area is in use, please wait to proceed to the sink area.  We’re confident common sense and courtesy can allow more people to access the showers safely. 


We will have the outside washroom in Elim Lodge open all summer along with the washrooms in the picnic shelter.  You are encouraged to use them in place of the main washrooms, as they are all single stalls accessible from the outside.  The washrooms by the tabernacle remained winterized and we will not be opening them this year.


Public Wi-fi is currently available outside Elim Lodge.  Connect to Sunset Point Guest Wifi and you will then be redirected to a login screen where you need to click ‘Connect’. Please note it’s a slow connection, so when multiple users are on it you won’t be able to stream or do large downloads, and the upload speed is very limited. We will be making wifi publicly available at the Christian Centre as well in the near future.  In the interim, you can connect to the guest network there with the password ‘Summer2020’.


COVID-19 is still with us and the Edmonton area is seeing a slightly higher level of infections as things have opened up. Please help keep the camp community safe by regularly washing your hands, socializing outdoors, maintaining physical distance, and not sharing meals outside your household or cohort.


A reminder that if you or a household contact has COVID-19, you have returned from international travel or you are otherwise legally required to isolate, you may not visit the camp.  It is not your primary residence and you cannot meet the legal requirements of isolation on the camp property.


Regarding the camp finances, we are obviously not getting any rental revenue this year and Family Camp historically has been a revenue source with the donations both the direct camp family expenses and a portion of the camp’s fixed operating costs.  Fortunately, we have financial reserves that will see us through this year and we are in the process of applying for CEWS.  However, any reserves we use means less money for planned maintenance and infrastructure improvements.  We encourage you to continue sending your tithe to your local church, and if you are able to give an additional offering to the camp this year you do so as well.


Thanks for your continued support and flexibility during this season.


Graham Greenwood

Board Chair


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